14 August 2014

What is a Cooling Off Period?

14 August 2014,

Buying a property is one of the most important and exciting decisions you will make. Understanding the cooling off period will give you more […]

31 July 2014

Fixed Rates on the way down…. Fixed Rates vs Variable Rates

31 July 2014,

Commonwealth Bank made big news last week by making the first move and cutting their five-year rate to 4.99%, but.. only if you pay their […]

4 April 2014

How to pay your home loan off in half the time!

4 April 2014,

How to pay your home loan off in half the time! 5 tips to get you there faster…. 30 years is a long time […]

24 January 2014

Is 2.9% comparison rate finance too good to be true????

24 January 2014,

On the back of an ambulance the other day as an add saying ‘come and join the most trusted profession’. It got me wondering, […]

22 November 2013

What is a Home Loan ‘package’?

22 November 2013,

If you just have a home loan it is a ‘product’ that the bank offers, just like a transaction account or credit card. When […]