19 November 2013

Five proven tips to save on your mortgage

19 November 2013,

1.       Set a budget Work out your expenses (fortnightly or monthly) and factor in your mortgage repayments. You might need to cut back on […]

14 November 2013

Mortgage offset accounts, are they worth it?

14 November 2013,

Offset accounts are often talked about as a ‘must have’, but I find a lot of people have no idea what they are and […]

29 October 2013

Top 10 things you absolutely need to get to apply for a mortgage

29 October 2013,

Number 1: Drivers Licence This verifies your Full Name, date of birth, address, photo & signature Make sure if you are taking a copy […]

14 October 2013

Why should I bother saving?

14 October 2013,

In my last blog How much can I borrow, I talked about the need for a deposit as this is often the big thing […]

4 October 2013

How much can I borrow?

4 October 2013,

Ok so now you have started saving, the next common question is – how much can I borrow? There are 3 components to answer […]