At The Home Loan Guy we are on a mission to help you to make informed decisions and to motivate you to take control of your financial future.


The founder David Johnson

Buying property is not something you do every day, reviewing your loan is probably not something you enjoy. But for David and his team this is something they love and are passionate about and nerd out finding the best solutions for you.

The team at the Home Loan Guy have guided hundreds of clients to buy their first home, or upgrade to the family home and even into their first investment property. They understand the steps involved and how to structure the loans and love working with clients and helping them along the different steps in their life journey.


in the early days of working in finance

David worked for a number of companies who were driven by their own profits. Either paying bonuses to staff to cross sell other products to clients they didn’t need or charging over the top fees. This did not sit comfortably and David Thought there must be a better way.

Then he discovered Mortgage Broking, working for you the client to achieve your goals. Finding solutions from a range of lenders that are the best for you and your family. Helping, educating and guiding you to make informed financial decisions through the different life stages.