Is 2.9% comparison rate finance too good to be true????

24 January 2014,

On the back of an ambulance the other day as an add saying ‘come and join the most trusted profession’. It got me wondering, […]

What is a Home Loan ‘package’?

22 November 2013,

If you just have a home loan it is a ‘product’ that the bank offers, just like a transaction account or credit card. When […]

Five proven tips to save on your mortgage

19 November 2013,

1.       Set a budget Work out your expenses (fortnightly or monthly) and factor in your mortgage repayments. You might need to cut back on […]

Mortgage offset accounts, are they worth it?

14 November 2013,

Offset accounts are often talked about as a ‘must have’, but I find a lot of people have no idea what they are and […]

Top 10 things you absolutely need to get to apply for a mortgage

29 October 2013,

Number 1: Drivers Licence This verifies your Full Name, date of birth, address, photo & signature Make sure if you are taking a copy […]

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