AUDIIf you are purchasing a new or used vehicle for the family or the business you need to make sure you are getting the best deal.

The car dealer will often fall over themselves to get you into finance and there is a good reason. They can make more commission from the finance than the sale of the car. You need to investigate you options & I will help you understand the finance options and make sure you get a good deal

Normally the easiest thing is to organise Pre-Approval finance before you go shopping, so when you find the perfect car you are ready to roll.

I am able to help with any of the below types of finance
* Personal loan
* Consumer Car Loan
* Chattel Mortgage
* Hire Purchase
* Finance Lease
* Novated Lease

I have used David on two occasions now for vehicle financing. He has been brilliant and provided me with a great product and service. I will only use David now for all my financing needs

Karl – IT Consultant