Interest Rate Cuts – It’s all in the marketing

8 May 2015,

Interest Rate Cuts – It’s all in the marketing! Interest Rate Cuts are on again… But what does it all mean for you? On […]

Time to make your New Year resolutions & take some action!

28 January 2015,

Here are my top tips to help you achieve your financial goals this year. Follow them through and 2015 will be the year that […]

Don’t believe what you see on TV ….. Comparison Rates

16 October 2014,

Do you pay attention to bank advertising? Clearly a lot of people must. I would imagine that Sunday night prime time is costs a […]

What is a Cooling Off Period?

14 August 2014,

Buying a property is one of the most important and exciting decisions you will make. Understanding the cooling off period will give you more […]

Fixed Rates on the way down…. Fixed Rates vs Variable Rates

31 July 2014,

Commonwealth Bank made big news last week by making the first move and cutting their five-year rate to 4.99%, but.. only if you pay their […]

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