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Ok so you are feeling a bit more comfortable with life. Built up some good equity in your family home and maybe it is time to invest. Let me get a property report for you and lets start working on a plan.
The idea of property investment is one that appeals to many Australians but sadly often overlooked because of the misconception that it is only within the reach of the wealthy.The reality is that with the right finance, planning and strategy an investment property may be easier to achieve than you think.Let’s think of a new concept – Good debt & Bad debt
Good Debt = Investment debt as generally it is tax-deductible and that is a good thing
Bad Debt = Personal debt as it just costs you as you pay more & more interestSo the key is then working out the best structure to help you get rid of bad debt and make the good debt work for you.
Ease the deposit burden
One of the key challenges to breaking into property investment is raising a deposit, but there are solutions. Existing home owners may be able to unlock equity – or the increased value – that’s built up in their own home to cover some or even all of the down payment on an investment property.
Do you want to find out what your home is worth?